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Crafting New Beauty

Editor's Pick | 四月 09, 2020
Revel in a World of Pink

To commemorate the publication of the Summer Issue for the seasonal edition of the corporate culture magazine Hanatsubaki, the "pink pop! A New Hanatsubaki" exhibition is now on at the GINZA COMMUNICATION SPACE at the Shiseido Ginza Building (3 April - 30 June 2017). I understand that this project was planned in association with the magazine itself.

Kishino: Yes. To begin with, this can be traced back to the origins of the special feature in the Summer Issue of Hanatsubaki, titled "pink pop!" As "pink" color gets attention especially from the youths today, the editorial team of Hanatsubaki has attempted to analyze and understand this generation through the special feature placing its focus on this color. Against that background, discussions started up within the company on the idea of organizing a project linked with the Hanatsubaki magazine. As a result, the decision was made to hold an exhibition based on the motif of "pink," as we did for the magazine.